Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Start Your New Year’s Resolution With Five Star Fitness

If you’re looking to change in 2016 then you are not alone.  Each January, millions of Americans decide to better themselves with a resolution.  It might be reading more, eating healthier or hitting the gym.  New Year’s resolutions are easy to make but hard to maintain, especially when it comes to losing weight.  Come January 1st, it’s time to focus on a better you!  Follow these tips for successfully losing weight in 2016:

Set A Reasonable Goal
The biggest mistake you can make in your weight loss goal is being vague.  Don’t just say you want to lose weight.  Set goals that are measurable, specific and reasonable.  Keep in mind that drastic resolutions are not realistic.  Focus on changes that will fit your lifestyle and body type.  For example, plan to hit the gym 3 times a week, add a serving of fruits or vegetables to each meal, and cut back on sugary drinks.  All it takes is a fitness plan and some motivation to maintain your New Year’s resolution!

Join A Gym
Nothing will get you in the zone like going to the gym!  Gyms have the resources to make a difference in your exercise regimen.  Free weights?  Medicine Balls?  Cardio Training Machines?  Personal Training?  Check!  The Five Star Fitness gym is an incredible facility that offers state-of-the-art equipment and amenities.  We also offer over 80 classes that will get your blood pumping.  From yoga to zumba, step aerobics to cycling, choose from a variety of classes that will suit your workout needs.

Hire A Trainer
With so much information online about fitness, nutrition and health, it can be hard to choose the workout plan that is right for you.  When you hire a personal trainer from Five Star Fitness, you are receiving expert advice, knowledge and experience from a professional.  Our trainers will work with you to find a workout regimen to help you meet your fitness goals.  In addition to giving you diet advice and exercise tips, they will also motivate you to work harder and achieve your New Year’s resolution.

What are you waiting for?  Join Five Star Fitness today and let us help you with your New Year’s resolution!  In addition to our personal training and 35,000 square foot facility, we also offer no contracts, no maintenance fees, no hidden costs, flexible hours and diverse fitness classes.  To learn more about signing up to the Five-Star experience, visit our website or call 815-439-9900.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Staying Healthy During The Holidays

Deep-Fried Turkey, Pecan Pie, Gingerbread Cookies…the holidays are a hard time to stay fit with the temptation of Thanksgiving food and Christmas desserts.  With family obligations, traveling and festive parties, there are plenty of reasons you may put on extra pounds this season.  Don’t let backtracking during the holidays diminish your fitness progress!  Take the necessary steps to enjoy holiday treats without putting weight on.

Follow these steps to stay on track throughout the holiday season!

Pace Yourself:
Avoid mindless eating at home and even parties!  Consider every meal, snack and party an opportunity to enjoy delicious treats but not overindulge.  Chewing slowly will fill you up faster while consuming less food.  A great tip for eating slower is putting your fork down between every bite.

Limit Alcohol Consumption:
The empty calories found in alcohol can really add up if you don’t keep track.  The best way to consume alcohol is in moderation.  If possible, try substituting your drink with a water or club soda.

Portion Desserts:
While the holidays are full of decadent desserts and sweet treats, you must be very selective when it comes to what you are eating.  Indulge in small portions and keep track of how many treats you have consumed.  If possible, try a low-calorie recipe with all of the flavors of a regular dessert!

Make Exercise a Priority:
In addition to eating healthy, make sure to fit exercise in your free time.  With the right fitness program and training in place, you can maintain your weight while enjoying food and drinks during the holiday season.  Plan your fitness regime, stick to it, recruit a training partner, and continuously evaluate your progress.  Adding exercise to your day can be as easy as taking a walk with the family!

A great way to prevent putting on weight during this holiday season is with the top-notch training and amenities from Five Star Fitness.  With no contracts, fitness classes, and a free personal training session upon sign up, we have the amenities and skills to help you stay in shape!  To learn more about our 35,000 square foot facility and highly trained staff, browse Five Star Fitness website or schedule a tour today at 815-439-9900.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Joining of Five Star Fitness and Crush Fitness

Here at Five Star Fitness, we are pleased to announce our joining with Crush Fitness!  With plenty of exciting new classes and facility additions to come, we can’t wait to educate all of our members and new members on what this means.  This is all happening very fast but we are doing everything we can to ensure a smooth transition in the joining of both clubs.  Take a look at the important changes coming to Five Star Fitness:

Over 80 Fitness Classes – You already know our selection of fitness classes including zumba, yoga, cycling, kickboxing, strength and more.  Get ready as we add to our list and bring the total to over 80 classes throughout the week - the most variety in Will County!  In addition, we are also excited to add Crush Training to our schedule of fitness classes.  Feel free to pick up a new schedule or inquire about any of the classes at our front desk.

New Circuit Room – The merging of Five Star Fitness and Crush Fitness means new construction in our facility.  At Five Star Fitness, we are excited for the construction of our new circuit room.  Circuit training is a multi-faceted workout that moves extremely fast.  We are creating an advanced facility with the latest technology in fitness innovation.  For our members, this means more space, new features and new additions to class schedules as we accommodate new members.  Please pardon the maintenance as we hope to be finished soon!  

Members of Crush Fitness are more than welcome to use the facilities at Five Star Fitness.  All you need to do is present your Crush key card at the front desk.  At Five Star Fitness, we offer incredible amenities to get your body in shape.  Take advantage of $0 enrollment fees, no contracts, an indoor track, over 80 group fitness classes, childcare, free weight room and personal training.  To learn more about Five Star Fitness, visit our website or call 815-439-9900.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Getting Ready With Fall Fitness

As Fall quickly approaches, it’s time to embrace shorter days, cooler weather and falling leaves.  Whether you spent the past few months running in your neighborhood or doing laps in the local pool, exercising doesn’t have to end with the Summer.  Transitioning from Summer into Fall is easy with the perfect workout plan!  Fall is the perfect season to gain new fitness skills, revamp your workout routine and get back into the gym.  To maintain your weight and sculpt your body this Fall, follow these Autumn-inspired fitness tips:

Set Goals for the Season:  As the weather gets cooler, it’s important to stay away from hibernation mode!  While it is tempting to curl up in bed, your body and mind will be happier after a session at the gym.  Set fitness goals for yourself including healthier eating habits, cardio exercises and weight training.

Plan Ahead and Schedule Workouts:  As school is back in session, you may need to re-evaluate your schedule.  Decide what days and time periods work best for your schedule and make a plan to head to the gym.  From there, you can plan out your exercises for the week in advance, targeting what is most important for your fitness goals.  

Head to the Gym:  A well-rounded workout regimen at the gym is the best way to improve your fitness.  As the weather outside is getting cooler, Five Star Fitness is heating up!  Located in Joliet, Illinois, Five Star Fitness offers over 35,000 square feet of facility features, a highly trained staff and a stress free workout environment.  When you are ready to get your body into shape this season, sign up for a $0 enrollment, no contract membership at Five Star.  Our staff can help you get in shape and have fun doing it!

To learn more about enhancing your Fall fitness plan, give Five Star Fitness a call at 815-439-9900 or visit our website.  Our monthly membership includes an indoor track, weight room, cardio area, fitness classes and a free personal training session.  Let us help you make this Fall the best yet!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Why Weight Train?

Did you know that as you get older, your muscle mass naturally diminishes? Weight-lifting, also called weight training or strength training, is beneficial to a healthy lifestyle in more ways than just gaining a “buff” physique.

So why weight train? Weight training helps keep body fat at bay by replacing it with lean muscle mass, and is beneficial to both men and women by contributing to overall health and fitness.

Other benefits include:

       Increased stamina - weight training makes you stronger, which in turn takes longer for your body to feel fatigued.
       Stronger bones - weight training isn’t just good for your muscles. It’s good for your bones, too! Lifting weights increases bone density, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
       Boosted mood and sharpened focus - Like most forms of physical exercise, lifting weights increases endorphins, a natural mood-boosting chemical. Some research also suggests lifting weights helps sharpen focus and attention in adults.
       Toned Physique - Weight-lifting keeps your body performing like a well-oiled machine, with the added perk of looking great, too!

At Five Star Fitness, we have a weight room to accommodate all experience levels. We offer two full sets of Olympic dumbbells ranging from 5 to 125 pounds. We also have squat racks and flat, incline, and decline benches for bench pressing weights all the way up to 100 pounds. We are fully equipped with all the classic weight training tools to build your better body!

If you are new to weight-lifting, rusty, or perhaps just looking for additional motivation, we also offer regular strength training classes here at Five Star Fitness. You can check our website for a schedule of upcoming classes, or see if your workout could benefit with the help of a personal trainer (new gym members qualify for one free session with a personal trainer!). Visit our website or stop on by our state-of-the-art facility located behind the Louis Joliet Mall and give your body the Five Star treatment!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Benefits of Joining a Fitness Class

Group exercise classes are a great way to reach your personal fitness goals and have fun!  With classes ranging in type and intensity, you will gain an incredible amount of benefits from fitness classes rather than working out at home.

Exercising in a group setting is very different than working out on your own.  First and foremost, group classes are fun!  Whether you join with friends or come on your own, you will love the friendly atmosphere, upbeat music and cheers of encouragement.  When you are part of a group, you are more likely to push yourself with friendly competition and less likely to miss a workout. 

In addition to the social opportunities, you will greatly benefit from the physical exercise of a fitness class.  Having an instructor is a great way to ensure proper form, be motivated to push through the pain, and eventually see improvement.  All it takes is one hour a week and you will benefit from the social, physical, and psychological support of a group fitness class.

At Five Star Fitness, we host a variety of classes for all of your fitness needs!  With over 35 classes per week, join us Sunday through Monday.  If you think an exercise class at Five Star Fitness might be for you, take a look at some of the fitness classes we offer:

Zumba – The Latin rhythms feature interval-training sessions where easy to follow fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat.
Yoga – This is a traditional Hatha-based yoga class for the mind, body, and the spirit.  Improve flexibility, increase strength and reduce stress during this hour session!  No prior experience needed, great for all levels.
Strength – Endure barbell strength workouts that target all major muscle groups.  Get toned, improve muscle strength and endurance during this class.
Kickboxing – Kickboxing moves choreographed to motivating music intermixed with strength training.  This hour session burns tons of calories, builds strength and endurance!  No previous kickboxing training is required.
Pilates – Strengthens core postural muscles, develops flexibility, teaches breath awareness and improves spinal alignment.
Cycle – This stationary class will improve your cardiovascular endurance and strengthen the lower body.
Step + This is a choreographed step aerobics workout that serves as a great cardio boost.

Check out our class schedule or call 815-439-9900.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

S.T.A.R. Personal Training

Having trouble reaching your fitness goal?  Need extra advice or motivation?  Want some pointers to get you started?  We can help!  Five Star Fitness is proud to announce the introduction of S.T.A.R. Group Training!  Our certified, experienced, professional personal trainers are now available to help you reach any goal in a group setting or an individualized program.

You will be shocked by the knowledge you will gain and the results you will see from a professional trainer.  After all, our S.T.A.R. Personal Training program stands for:

S – Steps
T – To
A – Achieving
R – Results

If you are interested in the S.T.A.R. Group Training you will be enrolled in a 12-week program in which you will meet twice a week for approximately 45 minutes.  We offer two types of classes to help you get in shape depending on your needs.  The S.T.A.R. Weight Loss class will group at least 5 like-minded individuals together with the common goal of losing weight and general nutrition guidance.  The S.T.A.R. Strength training will group 5 like-minded individuals with the common fitness goals of improving strength and flexibility.  After 24 classes, you will see, feel and love the difference of working out with a personal trainer.

Any 12-week S.T.A.R. training package, whether individualized or group, will include a complimentary 3-month membership to Five Star Fitness!  If you’re interested in setting up a free personal training session, contact Five Star Fitness at 815-439-9900 or visit our website.  At Five Star Fitness, every day is a good day to work out!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Five Star May Membership Offer

May is coming to a close, which means you only have few days to take advantage of our May membership at Five Star Fitness!  With the finest facility and our helpful staff, there’s no reason to pass up what our membership has to offer:

No Contracts:  Contracts seem to be everywhere today.  Forget six months to a year, we believe you should be able to workout under your own guidelines.  At Five Star Fitness, our month-to-month membership offers the flexibility of no contracts.  You can decide what is right for you and you are never stuck in an unfair membership that you can’t afford. 

No Fees:  Increasing gym fees are beginning to take a toll on members at big name gyms.  At Five Star Fitness, we have one affordable price for our members with no hidden costs.  There is $0 enrollment fee and $0 cancellation fee because we do not demand contracts.  Not to mention our complimentary childcare available Monday through Friday at no cost to you.

Personal Training:  When you become a member at Five Star Fitness, know that you will receive a free personal training session up to one hour.  The experience and advice you will gain from a personal trainer is the motivation you need to reach your goal.  By signing up for a May membership, you may find that our certified personal trainers are the motivation you need to reach your fitness goal.

Access to Facility:  As a member at Five Star Fitness, you will have access to our entire 35,000 square foot fitness facility.  Take advantage of our vast cardio area, free weight room, basketball court, group fitness room, studio and Olympic running track!  You will also gain access to a number of fitness classes including cycling, zumba, yoga, strength, kickboxing, step and more!

Here at Five Star Fitness, we are striving to make 2015 the best year for the health and fitness of you and your family.  We offer something for everyone at our state-of-the-art facility with highly affordable prices.  To learn more about what Five Star Fitness has to offer, visit us online at  or schedule your tour at 815-439-9900.  Where fitness is a way of life and the dedicated train!

Let’s Get Ready For Swimsuit Season!

After a very long winter, it’s finally time to soak up some sun and get your body ready for the long-awaited warmer weather.  Say goodbye to bulky winter coats and hello to swimsuits, shorts and tank tops!

Male or female, the ultimate question is… are you ready to bare your body in the upcoming weeks?  If not, don’t panic!  There’s still time to prepare your body for swimsuit season.  Follow these tips from Five Star Fitness for getting your body bikini ready:

Get Your Body Moving  
One sure-fire way to get your body bikini ready is by hitting the gym!  Joining a gym in the months leading up to swimsuit season is the ultimate way to work off excess weight.  At Five Star Fitness, our facilities include a 35,000 square foot gym featuring a cardio area, free weight room, basketball court, group fitness room, Olympic-quality running track and more!  It is the perfect place to fit in an early-morning workout without the excuses!  We also offer core strengthening and weight loss classes including cycling, pilates, step and strength, zumba, yoga, cardio kickboxing, high intensity training and belly booty blast.  After all, the key to looking great in a swimsuit is by working the stomach and butt!

Utilize a Personal Trainer
Are you having trouble reaching your fitness goals?  At Five Star Fitness, we offer individualized programs and specific techniques for each person.  Choose between both personal training and group training sessions for weight loss and strengthening.  You’ll even get a free personal training assessment AND free training session when you sign up to be a member of Five Star Fitness.

Curb Your Diet
Nobody likes going on a diet, but cutting a few calories every day can make a big difference on your results.  While you can achieve your bikini body with just exercise, you may find results easier and faster by cutting back on refined carbohydrates, processed foods, sodium and sugar.  Also, by drinking plenty of water and removing alcoholic and carbonated beverages from your diet.

Be Confident
Whether or not you achieve your dream results, be proud of the dedication to your exercise and fitness plan that your have put into your bikini body! In other words, be confident!  Stand up straight with your shoulders back and head up high, get a glowing tan for the beach, and pick out a swimming suit that accentuates your best assets.

To find out more about achieving your fitness goals with the help of Five Star Fitness, visit our website at www.fivestar-fitness.com.  Where everyday is a good day to work out!