Wednesday, June 24, 2015

S.T.A.R. Personal Training

Having trouble reaching your fitness goal?  Need extra advice or motivation?  Want some pointers to get you started?  We can help!  Five Star Fitness is proud to announce the introduction of S.T.A.R. Group Training!  Our certified, experienced, professional personal trainers are now available to help you reach any goal in a group setting or an individualized program.

You will be shocked by the knowledge you will gain and the results you will see from a professional trainer.  After all, our S.T.A.R. Personal Training program stands for:

S – Steps
T – To
A – Achieving
R – Results

If you are interested in the S.T.A.R. Group Training you will be enrolled in a 12-week program in which you will meet twice a week for approximately 45 minutes.  We offer two types of classes to help you get in shape depending on your needs.  The S.T.A.R. Weight Loss class will group at least 5 like-minded individuals together with the common goal of losing weight and general nutrition guidance.  The S.T.A.R. Strength training will group 5 like-minded individuals with the common fitness goals of improving strength and flexibility.  After 24 classes, you will see, feel and love the difference of working out with a personal trainer.

Any 12-week S.T.A.R. training package, whether individualized or group, will include a complimentary 3-month membership to Five Star Fitness!  If you’re interested in setting up a free personal training session, contact Five Star Fitness at 815-439-9900 or visit our website.  At Five Star Fitness, every day is a good day to work out!