Thursday, September 17, 2015

Getting Ready With Fall Fitness

As Fall quickly approaches, it’s time to embrace shorter days, cooler weather and falling leaves.  Whether you spent the past few months running in your neighborhood or doing laps in the local pool, exercising doesn’t have to end with the Summer.  Transitioning from Summer into Fall is easy with the perfect workout plan!  Fall is the perfect season to gain new fitness skills, revamp your workout routine and get back into the gym.  To maintain your weight and sculpt your body this Fall, follow these Autumn-inspired fitness tips:

Set Goals for the Season:  As the weather gets cooler, it’s important to stay away from hibernation mode!  While it is tempting to curl up in bed, your body and mind will be happier after a session at the gym.  Set fitness goals for yourself including healthier eating habits, cardio exercises and weight training.

Plan Ahead and Schedule Workouts:  As school is back in session, you may need to re-evaluate your schedule.  Decide what days and time periods work best for your schedule and make a plan to head to the gym.  From there, you can plan out your exercises for the week in advance, targeting what is most important for your fitness goals.  

Head to the Gym:  A well-rounded workout regimen at the gym is the best way to improve your fitness.  As the weather outside is getting cooler, Five Star Fitness is heating up!  Located in Joliet, Illinois, Five Star Fitness offers over 35,000 square feet of facility features, a highly trained staff and a stress free workout environment.  When you are ready to get your body into shape this season, sign up for a $0 enrollment, no contract membership at Five Star.  Our staff can help you get in shape and have fun doing it!

To learn more about enhancing your Fall fitness plan, give Five Star Fitness a call at 815-439-9900 or visit our website.  Our monthly membership includes an indoor track, weight room, cardio area, fitness classes and a free personal training session.  Let us help you make this Fall the best yet!