Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Five Star May Membership Offer

May is coming to a close, which means you only have few days to take advantage of our May membership at Five Star Fitness!  With the finest facility and our helpful staff, there’s no reason to pass up what our membership has to offer:

No Contracts:  Contracts seem to be everywhere today.  Forget six months to a year, we believe you should be able to workout under your own guidelines.  At Five Star Fitness, our month-to-month membership offers the flexibility of no contracts.  You can decide what is right for you and you are never stuck in an unfair membership that you can’t afford. 

No Fees:  Increasing gym fees are beginning to take a toll on members at big name gyms.  At Five Star Fitness, we have one affordable price for our members with no hidden costs.  There is $0 enrollment fee and $0 cancellation fee because we do not demand contracts.  Not to mention our complimentary childcare available Monday through Friday at no cost to you.

Personal Training:  When you become a member at Five Star Fitness, know that you will receive a free personal training session up to one hour.  The experience and advice you will gain from a personal trainer is the motivation you need to reach your goal.  By signing up for a May membership, you may find that our certified personal trainers are the motivation you need to reach your fitness goal.

Access to Facility:  As a member at Five Star Fitness, you will have access to our entire 35,000 square foot fitness facility.  Take advantage of our vast cardio area, free weight room, basketball court, group fitness room, studio and Olympic running track!  You will also gain access to a number of fitness classes including cycling, zumba, yoga, strength, kickboxing, step and more!

Here at Five Star Fitness, we are striving to make 2015 the best year for the health and fitness of you and your family.  We offer something for everyone at our state-of-the-art facility with highly affordable prices.  To learn more about what Five Star Fitness has to offer, visit us online at  or schedule your tour at 815-439-9900.  Where fitness is a way of life and the dedicated train!

Let’s Get Ready For Swimsuit Season!

After a very long winter, it’s finally time to soak up some sun and get your body ready for the long-awaited warmer weather.  Say goodbye to bulky winter coats and hello to swimsuits, shorts and tank tops!

Male or female, the ultimate question is… are you ready to bare your body in the upcoming weeks?  If not, don’t panic!  There’s still time to prepare your body for swimsuit season.  Follow these tips from Five Star Fitness for getting your body bikini ready:

Get Your Body Moving  
One sure-fire way to get your body bikini ready is by hitting the gym!  Joining a gym in the months leading up to swimsuit season is the ultimate way to work off excess weight.  At Five Star Fitness, our facilities include a 35,000 square foot gym featuring a cardio area, free weight room, basketball court, group fitness room, Olympic-quality running track and more!  It is the perfect place to fit in an early-morning workout without the excuses!  We also offer core strengthening and weight loss classes including cycling, pilates, step and strength, zumba, yoga, cardio kickboxing, high intensity training and belly booty blast.  After all, the key to looking great in a swimsuit is by working the stomach and butt!

Utilize a Personal Trainer
Are you having trouble reaching your fitness goals?  At Five Star Fitness, we offer individualized programs and specific techniques for each person.  Choose between both personal training and group training sessions for weight loss and strengthening.  You’ll even get a free personal training assessment AND free training session when you sign up to be a member of Five Star Fitness.

Curb Your Diet
Nobody likes going on a diet, but cutting a few calories every day can make a big difference on your results.  While you can achieve your bikini body with just exercise, you may find results easier and faster by cutting back on refined carbohydrates, processed foods, sodium and sugar.  Also, by drinking plenty of water and removing alcoholic and carbonated beverages from your diet.

Be Confident
Whether or not you achieve your dream results, be proud of the dedication to your exercise and fitness plan that your have put into your bikini body! In other words, be confident!  Stand up straight with your shoulders back and head up high, get a glowing tan for the beach, and pick out a swimming suit that accentuates your best assets.

To find out more about achieving your fitness goals with the help of Five Star Fitness, visit our website at  Where everyday is a good day to work out!