Thursday, January 28, 2016

Five Star Fitness Membership

Are you debating joining a gym?  Joining a gym is a great decision for those looking to make a difference in their physical appearance and health.  The benefits of spending your workout session in a fitness club far outweigh the benefits of working out at home.  Why?  There are a number of reasons!

One of the basic reasons to join a gym is the variety of exercise opportunities.  With access to a range of machines and facilities, you will always get the best results in a fitness club.  Not to mention, you will receive professional guidance when it comes to loosing weight, building strength and achieving your dream body.  If that’s not enough, you are sure to meet plenty of friendly people at the gym!

If we haven’t caught your attention by now, know that there is an affordable and convenient gym membership available in Will County.  A Five Star Fitness Membership is the perfect way to get your body in shape!  The facility at Five Star Fitness features 35,000 square feet of gym space including a cardio theater, free weight room, basketball court, fitness rooms, free childcare and much more.

Not only will your body get the Five Star treatment, but so will your bank account!  Sign up for a gym membership today and receive $0 enrollment fees, just $30 for the first month, plus a $19.95 processing fee!  If you sign up online, we will even waive the $10 membership card fee as our way of saying thank you.  In addition, we do not hold our members back with contracts and cancellation fees.

If you’re ready to put yourself on the path to your fitness goals, join Five Star Fitness today!  You will benefit from a modern facility, incredible amenities, professional guidance and an exciting atmosphere.  To sign up for a Five Star Fitness Membership, please visit our membership page or call 815-439-9900 with any questions!