Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Staying Healthy During The Holidays

Deep-Fried Turkey, Pecan Pie, Gingerbread Cookies…the holidays are a hard time to stay fit with the temptation of Thanksgiving food and Christmas desserts.  With family obligations, traveling and festive parties, there are plenty of reasons you may put on extra pounds this season.  Don’t let backtracking during the holidays diminish your fitness progress!  Take the necessary steps to enjoy holiday treats without putting weight on.

Follow these steps to stay on track throughout the holiday season!

Pace Yourself:
Avoid mindless eating at home and even parties!  Consider every meal, snack and party an opportunity to enjoy delicious treats but not overindulge.  Chewing slowly will fill you up faster while consuming less food.  A great tip for eating slower is putting your fork down between every bite.

Limit Alcohol Consumption:
The empty calories found in alcohol can really add up if you don’t keep track.  The best way to consume alcohol is in moderation.  If possible, try substituting your drink with a water or club soda.

Portion Desserts:
While the holidays are full of decadent desserts and sweet treats, you must be very selective when it comes to what you are eating.  Indulge in small portions and keep track of how many treats you have consumed.  If possible, try a low-calorie recipe with all of the flavors of a regular dessert!

Make Exercise a Priority:
In addition to eating healthy, make sure to fit exercise in your free time.  With the right fitness program and training in place, you can maintain your weight while enjoying food and drinks during the holiday season.  Plan your fitness regime, stick to it, recruit a training partner, and continuously evaluate your progress.  Adding exercise to your day can be as easy as taking a walk with the family!

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