Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Start Your New Year’s Resolution With Five Star Fitness

If you’re looking to change in 2016 then you are not alone.  Each January, millions of Americans decide to better themselves with a resolution.  It might be reading more, eating healthier or hitting the gym.  New Year’s resolutions are easy to make but hard to maintain, especially when it comes to losing weight.  Come January 1st, it’s time to focus on a better you!  Follow these tips for successfully losing weight in 2016:

Set A Reasonable Goal
The biggest mistake you can make in your weight loss goal is being vague.  Don’t just say you want to lose weight.  Set goals that are measurable, specific and reasonable.  Keep in mind that drastic resolutions are not realistic.  Focus on changes that will fit your lifestyle and body type.  For example, plan to hit the gym 3 times a week, add a serving of fruits or vegetables to each meal, and cut back on sugary drinks.  All it takes is a fitness plan and some motivation to maintain your New Year’s resolution!

Join A Gym
Nothing will get you in the zone like going to the gym!  Gyms have the resources to make a difference in your exercise regimen.  Free weights?  Medicine Balls?  Cardio Training Machines?  Personal Training?  Check!  The Five Star Fitness gym is an incredible facility that offers state-of-the-art equipment and amenities.  We also offer over 80 classes that will get your blood pumping.  From yoga to zumba, step aerobics to cycling, choose from a variety of classes that will suit your workout needs.

Hire A Trainer
With so much information online about fitness, nutrition and health, it can be hard to choose the workout plan that is right for you.  When you hire a personal trainer from Five Star Fitness, you are receiving expert advice, knowledge and experience from a professional.  Our trainers will work with you to find a workout regimen to help you meet your fitness goals.  In addition to giving you diet advice and exercise tips, they will also motivate you to work harder and achieve your New Year’s resolution.

What are you waiting for?  Join Five Star Fitness today and let us help you with your New Year’s resolution!  In addition to our personal training and 35,000 square foot facility, we also offer no contracts, no maintenance fees, no hidden costs, flexible hours and diverse fitness classes.  To learn more about signing up to the Five-Star experience, visit our website or call 815-439-9900.

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